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Welcome! I am Derrek Pugh, a native of Dillon, SC and a 20 year resident of Richland County. While living in Richland County, I have primarily lived in District 2. From my years in undergraduate school living on the beautiful Broad River, to now building a life with my wife in Blythewood, I have lived throughout our district! I am running to represent US, the residents of District 2. I believe in US and where we can go. Together we can accomplish so much more!


With 20 years of working experience in community programming, management, and leadership, I have committed my life to serving others. I will work to bring new and exciting industry to our district, while supporting and revitalizing established businesses, and doing my best to be a true representative of our district's constituents. It is my prayer that you will find me worthy of your support, your trust, and your vote. 


Thank you for visiting my web page! Together, we will keep moving this district FORWARD! 


Your Candidate, 

Derrek Pugh